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The Telomere Science Library site clinical studies page is comprised of thousands of citations of telomere biology biomedical literature from life science journals and other sources. Our library is updated continuously so that the most recent and most pertinent published studies on telomere biology are made available to the clinician or researcher.

Top Studies in Telomere Biology

Evaluation of an oral telomerase activator for early age-related macular degeneration - a pilot study.

The oral TA significantly improved the macular function of treatment subjects compared to controls. Although this study was a pilot and a larger study is being planned, it is noteworthy in that it is, to our knowledge, the first randomized placebo-controlled study of a TA supplement.

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Transient delivery of modified mRNA encoding TERT rapidly extends telomeres in human cells.

Telomere extension has been proposed as a means to improve cell culture and tissue engineering and to treat disease. However, telomere extension by nonviral, nonintegrating methods remains inefficient.

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First Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Study to Show Telomere Lengthening in Humans

A group of subjects taking a telomerase activator significantly increased their telomere length over a one year period.

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