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New Model Shows Link Between Telomere Length and Risk of COVID-19 Mortality

Joseph M. Raffaele, MD, explores the significant link between telomere length and COVID-19 mortality, shedding light on why the elderly are more susceptible to severe outcomes from the virus. Telomeres, which shorten with age, play a crucial role in cell replication and immune response. The study presented in the article introduces a model connecting reduced telomere length in T-cells to an increased risk of severe COVID-19, suggesting that individuals with shorter telomeres may struggle to effectively fight off the virus. This research not only enhances our understanding of COVID-19's impact on older populations but also suggests that telomere length could be a valuable biomarker for identifying those at higher risk of severe disease. Raffaele's findings highlight the potential for using telomere length to tailor healthcare interventions, such as targeted vaccinations and treatments, more effectively.

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