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[Age-related Changes of Left Ventricular Diastolic Function, NT-proBNP Level and Their Association With Leukocyte Telomere Length].

Authors: D U DU. Akasheva, E V EV. Plokhova, O N ON. Tkacheva, I D ID. Strazhesko, A S AS. Kruglikova, V S VS. Pykhtina, E N EN. Dudinskaya, D A DA. Skvortsov, L V LV. Egshatyan, N V NV. Brailova, M V MV. Agaltsov, I N IN. Ozerova, V A VA. Vygodin, S A SA. Boytsov
Published: 11/30/2015, Kardiologiia


With advancing age the left ventricle (LV) undergoes structural and functional changes, thereby creating the substrate for the development of diseases. One possible mechanism of the ageing of the heart is cellular senescence. Leukocyte telomere length (LTL) is a marker of replicative ageing. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the diastolic function of LV and level of NT-proBNP in people of different ages free of cardiovascular diseases and to assess their relationship with LTL. Our data showed that old age is associated with diastolic dysfunction and increase in the levels of NT-proBNP. The group of older subjects had lower values of E/A (0.96 ± 0.036 vs 1.27 ± 0.03, p < 0.001), Em/Am (0.9 ± 0.035 vs 1.5 ± 0.066) and higher values of IVRT (81 ± 1.56 vs 70 ± 1.23 MS, p < 0.001), DT (198 ± 3.98 vs 175 ± 2.82 MS, p < 0.001), that reflected impairment of LV relaxation. NT-proBNP level was higher in the elderly (100.82 ± 7.1 vs 48.47 ± 6.7 ωg/ml, p < 0.01), but it did not correlate with LTL. The most sensitive to the age parameters of LV diastolic function (E/A and Em/Am ratio) were positively and independently of age associated with LTL (p < 0.001). Older individuals with shorter LTL had significantly lower values of E/A ratio.


Telomere length appears to be a biomarker of myocardium ageing.