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Transcriptional outcome of telomere signalling.

Authors: Jing J. Ye, Valérie M VM. Renault, Karine K. Jamet, Eric E. Gilson
Published: 06/10/2014, Nature reviews. Genetics


Telomeres protect chromosome ends from degradation and inappropriate DNA damage response activation through their association with specific factors. Interestingly, these telomeric factors are able to localize outside telomeric regions, where they can regulate the transcription of genes involved in metabolism, immunity and differentiation. These findings delineate a signalling pathway by which telomeric changes control the ability of their associated factors to regulate transcription. This mechanism is expected to enable a greater diversity of cellular responses that are adapted to specific cell types and telomeric changes, and may therefore represent a pivotal aspect of development, ageing and telomere-mediated diseases.

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