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Transcription factor genes essential for cell proliferation and replicative lifespan in budding yeast.

Authors: Yuka Y. Kamei, Akiko A. Tai, Shota S. Dakeyama, Kaori K. Yamamoto, Yamato Y. Inoue, Yoshifumi Y. Kishimoto, Hiroya H. Ohara, Yukio Y. Mukai
Published: 05/28/2015, Biochemical and biophysical research communications


Many of the lifespan-related genes have been identified in eukaryotes ranging from the yeast to human. However, there is limited information available on the longevity genes that are essential for cell proliferation. Here, we investigated whether the essential genes encoding DNA-binding transcription factors modulated the replicative lifespan of Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Heterozygous diploid knockout strains for FHL1, RAP1, REB1, and MCM1 genes showed significantly short lifespan. (1)H-nuclear magnetic resonance analysis indicated a characteristic metabolic profile in the Δfhl1/FHL1 mutant. These results strongly suggest that FHL1 regulates the transcription of lifespan related metabolic genes. Thus, heterozygous knockout strains could be the potential materials for discovering further novel lifespan genes.

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