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Tpz1TPP1 SUMOylation reveals evolutionary conservation of SUMO-dependent Stn1 telomere association.

Authors: Mansi M. Garg, Resham L RL. Gurung, Sahar S. Mansoubi, Jubed O JO. Ahmed, Anoushka A. Davé, Felicity Z FZ. Watts, Alessandro A. Bianchi
Published: 06/12/2014, EMBO reports


Elongation of the telomeric overhang by telomerase is counteracted by synthesis of the complementary strand by the CST complex, CTC1(Cdc13)/Stn1/Ten1. Interaction of budding yeast Stn1 with overhang-binding Cdc13 is increased by Cdc13 SUMOylation. Human and fission yeast CST instead interact with overhang-binding TPP1/POT1. We show that the fission yeast TPP1 ortholog, Tpz1, is SUMOylated. Tpz1 SUMOylation restricts telomere elongation and promotes Stn1/Ten1 telomere association, and a SUMO-Tpz1 fusion protein has increased affinity for Stn1. Our data suggest that SUMO inhibits telomerase through stimulation of Stn1/Ten1 action by Tpz1, highlighting the evolutionary conservation of the regulation of CST function by SUMOylation.

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