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TeloPIN: a database of telomeric proteins interaction network in mammalian cells.

Authors: Zhenhua Z. Luo, Zhiming Z. Dai, Xiaowei X. Xie, Xuyang X. Feng, Dan D. Liu, Zhou Z. Songyang, Yuanyan Y. Xiong
Published: 03/18/2015, Database : the journal of biological databases and curation


Interaction network surrounding telomeres has been intensively studied during the past two decades. However, no specific resource by integrating telomere interaction information data is currently available. To facilitate the understanding of the molecular interaction network by which telomeres are associated with biological process and diseases, we have developed TeloPIN (Telomeric Proteins Interaction Network) database (, a novel database that points to provide comprehensive information on protein-protein, protein-DNA and protein-RNA interaction of telomeres. TeloPIN database contains four types of interaction data, including (i) protein--protein interaction (PPI) data, (ii) telomeric proteins ChIP-seq data, (iii) telomere-associated proteins data and (iv) telomeric repeat-containing RNAs (TERRA)-interacting proteins data. By analyzing these four types of interaction data, we found that 358 and 199 proteins have more than one type of interaction information in human and mouse cells, respectively. We also developed table browser and TeloChIP genome browser to help researchers with better integrated visualization of interaction data from different studies. The current release of TeloPIN database includes 1111 PPI, eight telomeric protein ChIP-seq data sets, 1391 telomere-associated proteins and 183 TERRA-interacting proteins from 92 independent studies in mammalian cells. The interaction information provided by TeloPIN database will greatly expand our knowledge of telomeric proteins interaction network.

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