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Tel1ATM dictates the replication timing of short yeast telomeres.

Authors: Carol C. Cooley, Anoushka A. Davé, Mansi M. Garg, Alessandro A. Bianchi
Published: 08/13/2014, EMBO reports


Telomerase action is temporally linked to DNA replication. Although yeast telomeres are normally late replicating, telomere shortening leads to early firing of subtelomeric DNA replication origins. We show that double-strand breaks flanked by short telomeric arrays cause origin firing early in S phase at late-replicating loci and that this effect on origin firing time is dependent on the Tel1(ATM) checkpoint kinase. The effect of Tel1(ATM) on telomere replication timing extends to endogenous telomeres and is stronger than that elicited by Rif1 loss. These results establish that Tel1(ATM) specifies not only the extent but also the timing of telomerase recruitment.

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