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Shading the TRF2 recruiting function: a new horizon in drug development.

Authors: Salvatore S. Di Maro, Pasquale P. Zizza, Erica E. Salvati, Viviana V. De Luca, Clemente C. Capasso, Iolanda I. Fotticchia, Bruno B. Pagano, Luciana L. Marinelli, Eric E. Gilson, Ettore E. Novellino, Sandro S. Cosconati, Annamaria A. Biroccio
Published: 11/19/2014, Journal of the American Chemical Society


The shelterin protein TRF2 has come to the limelight for its role in telomere maintenance and tumorigenesis. Herein, the application of rational design and synthesis allowed identifying the first TRF2TRFH binder able to elicit a marked DNA damage response in cancer cells. This work paves the way for the unprecedented employment of a chemical tool to finely tune specific mechanisms underlying telomere maintenance.

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