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Polysaccharides from medicinal herbs as potential therapeutics for aging and age-related neurodegeneration.

Authors: Haifeng H. Li, Fangli F. Ma, Minghua M. Hu, Chung Wah CW. Ma, Lingyun L. Xiao, Ju J. Zhang, Yanxia Y. Xiang, Zebo Z. Huang
Published: 04/08/2014, Rejuvenation research


Recent studies have uncovered important aging clues, including free radicals, inflammation, telomeres, and life span pathways. Strategies to regulate aging-associated signaling pathways are expected to be effective in the delay and prevention of age-related disorders. For example, herbal polysaccharides with considerable anti-oxidant and anti-inflammation capacities have been shown to be beneficial in aging and age-related neurodegenerative diseases. Polysaccharides capable of reducing cellular senescence and modulating life span via telomere and insulin pathways have also been found to have the potential to inhibit protein aggregation and aggregation-associated neurodegeneration. Here we present the current status of polysaccharides in anti-aging and anti-neurodegenerative studies.

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