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Liver failure due to hepatic angiosarcoma in an adolescent with dyskeratosis congenita.

Authors: Timothy S TS. Olson, Elaine S ES. Chan, Michele E ME. Paessler, Kathleen E KE. Sullivan, Christopher N CN. Frantz, Piere P. Russo, Monica M. Bessler
Published: 04/25/2014, Journal of pediatric hematology/oncology


Dyskeratosis congenita (DC) is a multisystem disease caused by genetic mutations that result in defective telomere maintenance. Herein, we describe a 17-year-old patient with severe DC, manifested by bone marrow failure, severe immunodeficiency, and enterocolitis requiring prolonged infliximab therapy, who developed fatal hepatic failure caused by an aggressive, infiltrating hepatic angiosarcoma. Although DC patients have known increased risk of developing liver failure and multiple types of malignancy, this report is the first to describe angiosarcoma in a DC patient. Malignancy should thus be considered in the differential diagnosis of progressive liver dysfunction in DC patients.

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