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In vivo analysis of a fluorescent SUMO fusion in transgenic Drosophila.

Authors: Marion M. Bocksberger, Fran├žois F. Karch, Jean-Michel JM. Gibert
Published: 12/08/2014, Fly


Sumoylation, the covalent attachment of SUMO, a 90 amino acid peptide related to ubiquitin, is a major modulator of protein functions. Fluorescent SUMO protein fusions have been used in cell cultures to visualize SUMO in vivo but not in multicellular organisms. We generated a transgenic line of Drosophila expressing an mCherry-SUMO fusion. We analyzed its pattern in vivo in salivary gland nuclei expressing Venus-HP1 to recognize the different chromatin components (Chromocenter, chromosome IV). We compared it to SUMO immunostaining on squashed polytene chromosomes and observed similar patterns. In addition to the previously reported SUMO localizations (chromosome arms and chromocenter), we identify 2 intense binding sites: the fourth chromosome telomere and the DAPI-bright band in the region 81F.

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