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[High level of expression and nuclear localization of RNA, transcribed from genome region, containing repetitive elements].

Authors: O S OS. Shubernetskaia, D A DA. Skvortsov, S A SA. Evfratov, M P MP. Rubtsova, E V EV. Belova, O S OS. Strelkova, V D VD. Cherepaninets, O A OA. Zhironkina, A M AM. Olovnikov, M E ME. Zvereva, I I II. Kireev, O A OA. Dontsova
Published: 04/06/2015, Molekuliarnaia biologiia


The non-coding and repetitive sequences constitute a great amount of higher eukaryotes genomes, but the elucidation of its role and mechanisms of action is now at the very beginning. Here we found, that internal telomeric repeats in Danio rerio are colocalized with some repetitive elements, namely, hAT and EnSpm repeats, which are highly represented in vertebrate genome. While investigating one of genome regions, containing two pairs of such repeats in close proximity we found, that it is transcribed. RNA-dependent structures, containing this sequence, were revealed in D. rerio fibroblast nuclei, which may serve as evidence of functional relevance of repetitive elements in genomes or of their transcripts.