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Exercise attenuates the major hallmarks of aging.

Authors: Nuria N. Garatachea, Helios H. Pareja-Galeano, Fabian F. Sanchis-Gomar, Alejandro A. Santos-Lozano, Carmen C. Fiuza-Luces, María M. Morán, Enzo E. Emanuele, Michael J MJ. Joyner, Alejandro A. Lucia
Published: 02/21/2015, Rejuvenation research


Regular exercise has multi-system anti-aging effects. Here we summarize how exercise impacts the major hallmarks of aging. We propose that, besides searching for novel pharmaceutical targets of the aging process, more research efforts should be devoted to gaining insights into the molecular mediators of the benefits of exercise and to implement effective exercise interventions for elderly people.

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