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Distribution of telomeres in the tobacco meiotic nuclei during cytomixis.

Authors: Sergey S. Mursalimov, Yuri Y. Sidorchuk, Sergey S. Baiborodin, Elena E. Deineko
Published: 01/05/2015, Cell biology international


Cytomixis is the migration of nuclei from one cell to another in higher plants, most frequently observable during microsporogenesis, which has a potential evolutionary significance. Currently, a major challenge is to label the chromatin migrating between cells to clarify its further fate. We have for the first time succeeded in visualizing the telomeric chromatin regions in the nuclei migrating between cells using fluorescent in situ hybridization. It has been shown that the telomeric signals in tobacco microsporocytes are randomly distributed in migrating nuclei without any deviations from their normal meiotic dynamics. According to our data, the chromatin migrating during cytomixis always contains telomeres and the telomeric signals are retained in the micronuclei formed after cytomixis.

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