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A new case of an inherited reciprocal translocation in cattle: rcp(13;26) (q24;q11).

Authors: Larisa L. Biltueva, Anastasia A. Kulemzina, Nadezhda N. Vorobieva, Polina P. Perelman, Marina M. Kochneva, Alexandra A. Zhidenova, Alexander A. Graphodatsky
Published: 11/13/2014, Cytogenetic and genome research


This study reports on a unique balanced reciprocal chromosome translocation detected in a phenotypically normal cattle dam and her calf. CBG-, GTG-banding and FISH using bovine whole-chromosome and telomere probes were applied. The analyses showed that the breakpoints were located near to the centromere in chromosome 26 (q11) and exceptionally close to the telomere in chromosome 13 (q24). The whole euchromatin segment of chromosome 26 was translocated onto chromosome 13. The distal end of chromosome 13 was translocated to the subcentromeric region of chromosome 26. We describe this aberration as a balanced reciprocal translocation rcp(13;26) (q24;q11). It appears that this aberration was maternally derived and may have originated de novo in the dam.

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